Personal statement

Hi, I'm Kelvin from Brazil. I'm 26 years old, currently working with Linux servers administration, with a broad knowledge within the area. My experience comes from several years working with web hosting and web development, where i was able to use programing languages such as PHP and Ruby. I'm very responsible when it comes to solo and teamwork. When this happens, i try to be the most professional guy, in order to help my team accomplishes key objectives. Also, this is a common thing i've been doing over the years in my career.

Talking about technical skills, I can name a few technologies that I have great experience, such as:

- Linux (red-hat/debian and derivatives)
- CloudLinux (CageFS, PHP Selector and db_governor)

Cluster high availability (HA) with cPanel:
- Master server and multiple slaves with database server as Google SQL (HA) or Rackspace Database (HA).

- OpenVZ
- Docker
- SolusVM
- OpenStack

- Apache
- Nginx (HTTP/2)

- MariaDB
- PostgreSQL

Control Panel:
- cPanel Server - CERTIFIED - System Tech II
- Webmin
- VestaCP

- FTP Server
- Named
- Iptables (ConfigServer Firewall)
- SSHD (OpenSSH)
- ntpd
- OpenSSL
- Exim
- Ansible

- LAMP - Very Knowledge
- LEMP - Very Knowledge

Mail Server:
- Zimbra (Z-PuSH, ImapSYNC and IMAPdedup) - Very Knowledge
- Exim with Amazon SES (It can be integrated with cPanel) - Very Knowledge

- Sysdig
- Zabbix
- Graylog with Elasticsearch

- Unix Shell Scripting


Education & Certification

Analysis & Systems Development

University Estácio de Sá

Student at this university, coming to the training and some projects completed throughout the course.


cPanel Base Certification: Technical

cPanel, Inc

cPanel Certification, Level 3 Technical Support, with vast knowledge in the management of servers with this panel.


Job Experiences

Support Analyst III

HostDime Brasil

Linux Server Administration facing web, with main focus on apache, mysql, nginx, ftp, dns server, exim and customer treatment.

2013 - present

Freelance System Administrator

oDesk - Upwork

Configuration and administration of the environments LAMP, LEMP, Cloud Server, cPanel/WHM, CloudLinux, Zabbix and Zimbra Mail Server. More than 200 hours worked, with 100% job successfully.

2015 - present

Sys. Admin Linux

Initial Corp, Inc

Care LAMP configuration of Linux Servers.

2015 - 2016

Web Development

Agência Digital Overactive

Website Development for web, with technologies like PHP and Ruby (Rails framework).


Technical Support

Word Games Informática

User support and maintenance of network and hardware.


Technical skills


93% Complete


85% Complete

Web Hosting

95% Complete

Zimbra Mail Server

83% Complete


Kelvin is a proactive and collaborative person that always helps the others and automates work processes, he have skills since sysadmin until developer, and also is a great workmate.

Ícaro Torres

iBLISS Security & Intelligence

Kelvin is a great guy i was able to work with. Very focused, and good at co-op tasks.

Renan Porto

HostDime Brasil

Kelvin is focused on the management of web servers and it's applications, he also have a good background in web development which adds a plus in a general server analysis. He's also skilled in: Zabbix, Zimbra, virtualization with OpenVZ and the major web services that we all known like Apache and NGINX. He's a great professional and workmate!

Marcel Esteves

Web Developer